New Mexico Space Tourism Hub Expected to Generate Thousands of Jobs

The Las Cruces Sun-News ask a pertinent question today about the massive space tourism facility being built in New Mexico desert:
Will spaceport lead to more business, jobs? The answer is apparently yes:

“We’re going to start to see more activity because the general contractor will start building facilities out there,” said Jim Berry, president and CEO of the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce. “As that happens, we’ll see more and more subcontractors, and they’ll need employees.”

[New Mexico Spaceport Authority President Steve] Landeene said a New Mexico State University study projected the spaceport could generate 2,250 jobs within the first five years. But he said he has spoken to a company, which he would not name, that is interested in moving to southern New Mexico to be near the spaceport that could increase that number.

“If they move here, from what I’ve been told, that would be approximately 2,000 jobs,” he said. “There is discussion ongoing. But that’s one company that could (almost) eclipse the entire NMSU study.”

We’ll see how well that works out. A lot of this will depend upon how successful Virgin Galactic is at the space tourism business. If it can weather the economic downturn, Spaceport America could have a bright future.

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