Space Tourist Confident of SpaceShipTwo Safety

Out of this world!

Porto-born entrepreneur Mário Ferreira has already booked his ticket and is raring to go, but doesn’t the idea of boldly going where fewer than five hundred people have been before worry him at all?

“I know the spaceship will be rigorously tested before departure and I fully believe in the technology, otherwise I wouldn’t be going,” he affirms.

And going he is, sometime between autumn 2009 and spring 2010 if Branson gets the green light, guaranteeing him the trip of a lifetime for a cool US$200,000, travel insurance not included.

As one of the “founders,” a name attributed to the first 100 Virgin Galactic passengers, Ferreira is keen to be making his contribution today so that the common man will be able to fly into space and back tomorrow.

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