Wyle Providing Medical Services for Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Flights

Wyle group to expand Bay Area operations
Bay Area Citizen News

Wyle Industries’ Integrated Science and Engineering Group, based here in the Bay Area, employs scientists, engineers, physicians and Mission Control operators who team up to oversee every aspect of technologies that help astronauts stay healthy while they’re in outer space, said Vernon McDonald, vice president for business development.

The group is also taking its expertise to other markets, such as the growing commercial human spaceflight industry.

Wyle has a contract with Virgin Galactic, which will send paying customers up on suborbital flights, to provide a chief medical officer and other related services to the company’s “Founders Group,” the first 100 customers to buy tickets.

Wyle employees will ensure that each customer is screened properly and prepared for flight, and that they understand the risk involved, McDonald said.

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