Paragon Executive Highlighted by AIAA Inspiration Campaign

Paragon Space Development Corp. Press Release

Grant Anderson, Vice President of Engineering and co-founder of Paragon Space Development Corporation, has recently been featured as part of a new campaign by AIAA, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The AIAA “When Did You Know?” campaign features videos of members sharing the stories of how they were inspired to pursue careers in aerospace and spaceflight. Anderson’s own story is currently featured on the AIAA website, and describes the fascination he discovered as a child flying across the Atlantic on an early 747.

Paragon, founded in 1993, is a full-service aerospace engineering and technology development firm specializing in life support in extreme environments. Paragon is a major supplier of environmental control and life support system and sub-system design for the aerospace industry with expertise in thermal control for orbiting and re-entering spacecraft and hyper-velocity aircraft. For more information, see: