Virgin Galactic Makes No Sales in Costa Rica

Ticos Not Up To Space Flight

Travelling to space and looking at the Earth from far above has only been dream for most. However, 285 people from 36 countries will soon be making that dream a reality, like multimillionaire, Dennis Tito, did in 2001, when be became the first “civilian” to leave the Earth on the Russian Soyuz.

Although Costa Rica has one of the few travel agencies that passage on the Space Ship Two can be purchased, not one Tico has yet come forward to put down the us$20.000 deposit required.

The travel agency Terranova says it has not yet had a bite on the offer.

For an initial ticket price of $200,000, Virgin Galactic passengers will buy a 2.5-hour flight aboard SpaceShipTwo and launch from an altitude of about 60,000 feet (18,288 meters), while buckled safely in seats that recline flat after reaching suborbital space.

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