Space Fashion Hits the Big Apple

There is an interesting piece excerpted below about an upcoming space fashion design competition in New York co-sponsored by Rocketplane Global and The prizes? A contract to design fashion for millionauts and a flight into space. The question: will the winner be able to collect on that?

The last I heard, Rocketplane Global was having some real issues raising money. The cratering economy can’t be helping the Oklahoma-based company raise money or sign up customers. Meanwhile, both Virgin Galactic and XCOR are moving ahead with actual testing. It’s not clear how large the market is or whether there will be room for Rocketplane Global if and when they get something flying.

Anyone know more about what’s going on over there in Oklahoma?

Space Fashion Design Contest at New York Couture Fashion Week

In an exciting departure from the typical luxury fashion shows during its semi-annual New York event, one of the runway shows to be presented during Couture Fashion Week this season will be Space Couture, a sampling of the highly creative winning designs of a series of competitions. This inventive fashion show will be held on Sunday, February 15, 2009 at the world-famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

The concept behind Space Couture began several years ago as a collaboration between RocketPlane Global, an innovative Oklahoma-based company developing sub-orbital space flight programs and options for the public, and fashion designers Eri Matsui and Misuzu Onuki. RocketPlane Global was looking to offer edgy fashion choices to their future passengers and Ms. Matsui and Ms. Onuki had the vision of encouraging up-and-coming fashion designers to create extraordinary clothing through competitions that would bring out their most daring fashion skills.

During 2009, another space fashion design competition will be held which will culminate with a gala evening of fashion and entertainment during New York Fashion Week in September 2009. This will be a joint project of and RocketPlane Global. The winner of the Space Fashion Design Contest will receive as the Grand Prize a suborbital space flight with RocketPlane Global, along with a contract to design custom spacewear apparel for the RocketPlane catalog.