Teledyne Brown Rolls Out Ares Thrusters

Rolling out Ares thrusters
The Huntsville Times

Teledyne Brown Engineering on Friday rolled out the first piece of Huntsville-made hardware – a set of roll stability thrusters – for NASA’s Ares I-X test rocket.

Managed by Marshall Space Flight Center, the $24 million Ares I-X Roll Control System Module was released to NASA for shipment to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The thruster unit will keep the Ares I-X test rocket stable and set it on the proper path during launch.

“Being that this system is the first piece of flight hardware to be produced in Huntsville for the Ares I-X, this really shows what Huntsville does, and it’s a very exciting day today,” said Rex Geveden, president and CEO of Teledyne Brown Engineering.

To keep the test rocket hardware on a reasonable time and cost schedule, the thruster rockets were salvaged from the Air Force’s Peacekeeper missile program and then refurbished and tested.

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