With Obama in Office, the Press Releases are Flying Every Which Way

It seems as though the major aerospace companies with pieces of NASA’s Constellation program want to keep on doin’ what they’ve been doin’. There have been at least three press releases today trumpeting major progress in the lunar program, which is under review by the new Obama Admnistration.

There is one from Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne (which I always think of as YoYoDyne) that trumpets their success in testing the Altair lunar engine (see separate post). There’s another one from ATK that talks about compeleting “several significant milestones for NASA’s Constellation program that will set the stage for major flight and ground tests in 2009.” Then there’s this one from Lockheed Martin about prepping the high bay at KSC for tests of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft.

We’ll see how much this pays off. I’m sure there are industry lobbyists burning the midnight oil all over DC.

* YoYoDyne – Not an insult at all. Just a reference to the film, Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension,” one of the great space cult movies of all time.