UP Aerospace Carving Out Niche in New Mexico Desert

Indie Space Ventures Blast Off
CNN Money

“There’s not much to see at the future home of Spaceport America, touted as ground zero for commercial rocket traffic. Deep in the New Mexico desert, you’ll find shrubs, scorpions – and Jerry Larson. His company, Up Aerospace, has signed on as the first tenant of the $220 million spaceport, where construction will begin in 2009….

“Larson’s former employer, Lockheed Martin, got the message and asked Up Aerospace to handle cut-price launches of its own experimental rocket at the spaceport site. More Lockheed launches are planned for 2009, along with another flight of Up Aerospace’s rocket. This time the payloads will also contain scientific experiments from several New Mexico universities.

“He expects Up Aerospace to grow alongside Spaceport America and to benefit from all the aeronautics talent pouring into New Mexico. In the future he hopes to build a larger, faster rocket capable of delivering small satellites into orbit.”