SpaceX’s Anchor Tenant for Commercial Orbiter? The Military

SpaceX Seeks Customers for DragonLab Spaceship

“We’re committed to flying it,” Max Vozoff, SpaceX’s Dragon product manager, said in an Oct. 29 interview here. Vozoff said SpaceX’s message to attendees of the DragonLab user conference would be pretty straightforward: “It’s a commercial mission flying with or without you,” he said. “There are slots available if you want to come along.”

“So far, SpaceX has lined up at least one customer for the first DragonLab flight planned for 2010. Although Vozoff would not tell Space News anything about its anchor customer, SpaceX told other space officials here that it had signed up a classified U.S. government customer for DragonLab’s debut.”

  • Nickolai_the_Russian_Guy

    For a guy running a private space firm, Musk seems to like the government a lot.

  • Yeah, he really does. COTS money from NASA. Military payloads on Falcon. A good bit of his strategy for getting Tesla Motors through the current economic crisis involves a low-interest Department of Energy loan and part of the government bailout for the auto industry. I guess that’s where the money is….