Oh no….a Legal Black Hole…This Doesn’t Sound Good….

Space tourism flies into a legal black hole
New Scientist

“The civilian space flight industry is on a high, and nowhere was this more apparent than at the International Aeronautical Congress in Glasgow, UK, last month, where executives wielding slick promotional videos and models of “nearly ready” spacecraft were promising sub-orbital flights to people with deep pockets.

“Yet despite growing confidence, a serious note of caution is being sounded: can civilian spacecraft ever be as safe as holiday airliners? At the moment there are no …

What? No What? Little packets of peanuts? Beverage service? The Skymall catalog?


Curses you, New Scientist, and your subscription service. Spent $5.95? I don’t think soooo!

We’ll never know what space tourism lacks. Damn you, New Scientist! Damn you to Hell!