Opinion: Japan, Britain and North Carolina Need Clear Directions in Space

A Real Ministry of Space
The Space Review

“The common perception of Britain when it comes to space is one of apathy. Andrew Weston argues that there is considerable public interest in space in the UK, waiting to be harnessed by the British government in the form of a coherent policy.”

Govt vision on space must be clear, concise
The Yomiuri Shimbun

“The basic law on space came into effect late last month, finally providing a system that allows the nation’s political leaders to promote Japan’s space policy.

“Space development involves a huge amount of money and considerable risks. It is important, therefore, for concrete goals and schedules to be fully disclosed in the basic program.

“If the government fails to provide the whole picture of the program, including its planned investments, private companies will hesitate to participate in it.”

Up, Up and Away, Triangle
The News & Observer

NewSpace Consultant Jeff Krukin suggests that North Carolina’s Research Triangle could be a hotbed of space tourism activity if government, industry and universities work together.

“The key is treating space transportation the same way we treat terrestrial transportation — vehicles are developed, owned and operated by competing companies. Governments provide the regulatory framework, conduct basic technology research and development and become a consumer of the resulting products and services.”