Constellation’s Latest Headache: Lawyers

NASA nixes Oceaneering’s suit contract; reopens bidding
Houston Chronicle

“NASA has terminated Houston-based Oceaneering International’s contract to develop a new generation of spacesuits and is reopening the bidding for the $184 million contract.

“Responding to a complaint filed by rival bidder Exploration Systems & Technology of Houston, the space agency has asked the two companies to make “limited” revisions and then resubmit their proposals.”

NASA contractors locked in legal battle
Orlando Sentinel

“A potentially damaging legal dustup has broken out between the contractor running NASA’s space shuttle and the company in charge of the next rocket program.

“The heart of the complaint is that Alliant Techsystems Inc., or ATK, which is designing the Ares rockets that will take astronauts back to the moon by 2020, is poaching skilled engineers from United Space Alliance, or USA, NASA’s prime shuttle contractor.”