‘Miserable Failure’ Oversees Miserable Failure

If you do a search for “miserable failure” on certain web search engines, the top result will be a link to George W. Bush’s official White House biography. This is a result of multiple webmasters using the phrases “failure” and “miserable failure” to describe and link to the White House website.

They should probably be using that same technique to link to Bush’s space program, or more specifically, NASA. At least according to one Congressman. The Houston Chronicle reports:

“Two days after telling an online town hall meeting that NASA had ‘failed us miserably’ and ‘wastes a vast amount of money,’ Houston Rep. John Culberson said Thursday he was weighing legislation to overhaul the structure of the space agency responsible for about 20,000 Houston-area jobs.

“Culberson, a blunt-spoken conservative from a heavily Republican westside district, said his proposal would slash NASA headquarter’s bureaucracy and enable scientists and engineers to rekindle visionary space exploration.

“‘We need revolutionary change, a complete restructuring,’ Culberson told the Houston Chronicle. ‘NASA needs complete freedom to hire and fire based on performance, it needs to be driven by the scientists and the engineers, and it needs to be free of politics as much as possible.'”