Space Angels Network Announces Founding Members


Space Angels Network, LLC, a national network of seed- and early-stage investors focused on aerospace-related ventures, announced today its initial group of “Founding Members”—individual accredited investors with significant experience in aerospace ventures.

Founding Members include:

“Since our Founding Members form the core of our organization by actively helping with strategic advice, deal flow, and membership recruitment, we sought individuals with extensive experience in both angel investing and also aerospace ventures,” said Guillermo Söhnlein, founder and managing director of Space Angels Network. “They play a critical leadership role in screening deals, conducting due diligence, and negotiating terms. We value their time and commitment, and we look forward to working with them as we grow our community of aerospace-focused accredited investors.”

Dyson is an innovation visionary who is also a long-time supporter of “Air/Space 2.0,” investing in air and space startups while also organizing the annual “Flight School” workshop for aerospace entrepreneurs and investors.

Fleming is the Chief Commercialization Officer for Georgia Tech ( and an active supporter of the “alternative space” industry. Rose is currently the founder and CEO of Angelsoft ( and an active investor in aerospace ventures. Tuck is a serial inventor and entrepreneur in a variety of technology and space industries, and he is currently invested in several space and satellite ventures.

“This is truly a much-needed step forward in the development of an organized and vibrant community of active seed- and early-stage investors focused on aerospace ventures,” said Lon Levin, president of SkySevenVentures and serial entrepreneur in space and new media, including XM Satellite Radio. “Combining the expertise and firepower of these Founding Members with the operational talents of the existing team will further solidify Space Angels Network as the leading venue for entrepreneurs and accredited investors to connect for aerospace opportunities.”