Spaceport America Signs Up Another Company Ahead of Crucial Vote

The flurry of activity surrounding Spaceport America continued this week as an Albuquerque company agreed to continue using New Mexico’s rocket base.

Microgravity Enterprises Incorporated signed a memorandum of understanding with the spaceport. The company produces energy drinks and other products from ingredients flown on suborbital rockets.

Earlier in the week, the company’s rocket provider, UP Aerospace of Colorado, agreed to continue using the facility for another 10 years. In recent weeks, the New Mexico Space Authority gave its executive director authority to begin negotiations with space tourism provider Virgin Galactic. Governor Bill Richardson also traveled to Washington, DC, where he sought support from the federal government.

All this activity comes on the eve of a crucial April 22 vote by residents of Sierra County over whether to raise the county sales tax by .25 cents to help pay for construction of an upgraded spaceport capable of handling tourism flights. The vote is expected to be close.