Yuri’s Night Just Four Days Away

Yuri’s Night – the global celebration of the first human spaceflight – will take place this Saturday, April 12, in at least 162 locations around the world. Parties and events will be held in 49 nations and on all seven continents. There’s even an event planned for the virtual world Second Life.

To find a celebration near you, check out the Yuri’s Night website. There are numerous events planned all over North America and Europe. I helped to organize the event in Los Angeles last year at the Griffith Observatory. This year Yuri’s Night LA involves a VIP reception and a party, both hosted by Cinespace in Hollywood.

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, definitely check out the celebration at NASA Ames Research Center. Last year’s event – held in a giant NASA hanger – featured music, dancers, and Ames Director Pete Worden dressed as Gandolf the wizard. I attended this celebration last year and it was very cool.

This year’s Ames celebration has been extended to 12 hours, running from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. It will feature:

  • talks by Will Wright and Stewart Brand;
  • art and sculpture by The Flaming Lotus Girls and Michael Christian;
  • live acrobatic and modern dance performances by Capacitor;
  • a musical performance by Amon Tobin; and,
  • the debut of the new band Telstar, featuring Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead.