Hall Ambulance employees to receive honors for response to Mojave explosion

Emergency workers from Hall Ambulance are being honored for their response to the fatal explosion last summer at the Scaled Composites’ facility in Mojave, the Bakersfield Californian reports.

The rescue personnel responded to the scene soon after the accident, not knowing whether another explosion was imminent. Two Scaled employees were dead and four others injured, one of whom later died after being airlifted to a local hospital. “One patient was covered with little black carbon fibers sticking out of his body,” the paper reports.

The personnel being honored by the California Ambulance Association’s Stars of Life program in Sacramento this week include:

    Chris Beucher, flight medic
    Samuel Swanson, paramedic
    Heather Taylor, paramedic
    Sean Eddy, paramedic field supervisor
    Brent Wible, paramedic
    Timothy Reynolds, paramedic
    Jeanette Green, flight nurse
    Michael Knutson, EMT

Beucher said he is honored to receive the recognition. “TV portrays it as six months later you meet the victim in his backyard and have a barbecue,” he told the paper. “More often than not we take heat from people.”

The State of California issued five citations against Scaled Composites and issued fines of more than $25,000. The company has appealed the citations and fines.