Disgraced lawmaker accused of 2 new schemes

Prosecutors have accused Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson of soliciting a bribe from a U.S. rocket launch services and technology company in exchange for urging NASA to do business with it. The Democrat is facing multiple charges for corruption.

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Space Florida and Bigelow Aerospace to Explore Orbital Space Initiative

Space Florida, the principal organization charged by the Florida Legislature with promoting and developing Florida's aerospace industry, is teaming up with Bigelow Aerospace to explore establishing and contributing to the Florida Space Transportation Initiative. Structured as an investment fund of both public and private financing, conceptually, the Florida Space Transportation Initiative would support the development of a new, orbital space transportation system located at the Kennedy Space Center.
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Spaceship Mockup

NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center has built a boilerplate mockup of the agency’s new Orion spacecraft, designed to take humans back to the moon.
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