Bigelow Aerospace Update: Team Heads for Russia

Hobby Space has an update on Bigelow Aerospace’s progress. The Las Vegas company is in the process of moving the Genesis II module and its support team to Russia. Meanwhile, the launch of the space station prototype could be delayed by problems with the Dnepr rocket.

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Spaceport pact reached

New Mexico officials reveal details of a pact with the Virgin Galactic as they gear up for a crucial spaceport tax vote in April.
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Rocket revelations

Alan Boyel reports the latest on space tourism efforts by Blue Origin, SpaceX and Bigelow Aerospace.
For the complete article, click here. — Next Space Tourist to Get Two Extra Days Aboard ISS

American software developer Charles Simonyi, the next paying tourist to visit the International Space Station (ISS), will get two extra days in orbit – at no additional cost – thanks to a tricky bit of orbital mechanics.
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SpaceX Declares Falcon 1 Launch Successful Despite Failure to Reach Orbit

Despite failing to reach orbit, SpaceX has declared that the second flight of its Falcon 1 launcher was a success nevertheless. Unlike the first rocket, which exploded shortly after leaving the pad, the second one made it into space but failed to achieve orbit. Space-X officials claimed that most objectives were met.

SpaceX hopes to develop the Falcon 1 launcher and its successor, Falcon 9, as low-cost alternatives to traditional launch vehicles. The company is based in El Segundo, Calif.